Stonehenge Bosses

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Demon, lives in Harrow Deep drops The Head of Errgoth


Beast, lives in Blood Walk drops The Head of Ash


Zombie, lives in Skull Step drops The Head of Oriax


Spectral, lives in Shadow Pass drops The Head of Nicor


Demon-Lord, lives in Moloch's Step -> Master's Court

You need the 4 Heads of Errgoth, Ash, Oriax and Nicor to enter his domain.

Can drop the Class Helmets ( Veiled Threat, Eyes of the Maverick, Face of the Crusader ) as well as Dye Kits and Retrainers.

The Desiccator

Necro-Lord, lives in The Wild -> The Foreboding Wild -> The Deepest Wild

Can drop Mysterious Egg