A Fine Welcome

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A Fine Welcome
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Murmur
Station: Holborn Station
Previous quest: Break On Through
Next quest: Hell's Yard

Experience: 800
Palladium: 0
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Covent Garden Station.
Speak with Murmur.
Speak with Brandon Lann.
Speak with Brandon Lann again.

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: Break On Through
The next quest in the sequence is: Hell's Yard



  • Experience: 800


Murmur: Great job, <playername>!
Murmur: The door's open and all we have to do now is make our way to Covent Garden Station through Covent Garden Approach.
Murmur: That's just one infested zone. No worries there!
Murmur: I won't be with you on this one - have to find my own way to the station - but I'll always be near.
Murmur: If you ever have trouble, just use your Quest Log.
Murmur: I'm only a ring away.
Murmur: See you in Covent Garden Station, yeah?

Murmur: We made it.
Murmur: Now all that's left is to deliver the seraph's message to Brandon Lann.
Murmur: We know the information contained within the Fawkes' Communique is vital.
Murmur: We also know the seraph intended for it to reach Brandon Lann before he fell.
Murmur: So, let's see it done, yeah?

Brandon Lann: Yes, I'm Lann. And you are?
Brandon Lann: <Playername>, huh? Very well, <playername>. What would you have of me?
Brandon Lann: ... ... ...
Brandon Lann: The Seraph dead?
Brandon Lann: His Fist slaughtered?
Brandon Lann: Forgive me. This tale - it's hard to swallow.
Brandon Lann: I need a moment. Please.

Brandon Lann: The Seraph...His name was Joseph.
Brandon Lann: He was a friend - my friend.
Brandon Lann: He will be greatly missed.
Brandon Lann: All these years and still no loss comes easy, <playername>. Even for me.
Brandon Lann: But truly, you have done Joseph and his Fist honor.
Brandon Lann: Dr. Fawkes' Communique is immeasurably valuable.
Brandon Lann: The good doctor is responsible for many of our recent technological successes against the Demon.
Brandon Lann: He was working on something new - something he thought we must have.
Brandon Lann: Joseph was sent to retrieve him.
Brandon Lann: This encrypted communique is the next best thing.
Brandon Lann: Unfortunately, it will take my people some time to decode the data.
Brandon Lann: I suggest you familiarize yourself with Covent Garden Station.
Brandon Lann: Return to me after you're settled. I will keep you informed.
Brandon Lann: You've earned that much.