A Leg Up

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A Leg Up
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Joey
Station: Holborn Station
Previous quest: none
Next quest: Wart's Secret

Experience: 30
Palladium: 1
Standing: +100 with Holborn Station
Other: Wart's Peg Leg

Travel to Tottenham Court Road




Li'l Joey: Oh Hello! You're <playername> aren't you?
Li'l Joey: I really want to be like you someday, but Pa's always telling me I'm too little. And now that I've lost my tricked-out prosthetic leg, he'll never let me join!
Li'l Joey: You're a real hero, so maybe you could help?
Li'l Joey: I was up in Tottenham Court looking for salvage I could sell to Oarf here when I fell into a nest of fat, smelly demons. I barely escaped, but they got my good leg, and now I'm stuck here with this stupid wooden one. I feel like a dang pirate when all I want to be is a mighty <player's classname>!
Li'l Joey: I may not be old enough to run with you yet, but still... I bet I could be your squire!

Find my good leg and I'll be your stalwart companion, calling out your praises wherever we go! Promise!

You examine the horrid corpse and find Joey's leg. What this demon was doing with it, you don't want to know...

Li'l Joey: You really found my leg! I can't believe it! I thought it was lost. I'm going to tell everyone how much you've helped me, and I'm going to pay you back... somehow.
Li'l Joey: I hope we can be good friends, <playername>. It's okay if I call you <playername> right? I'm just not sure what a Squire's supposed to call his boss.
Li'l Joey: Hey! Maybe I should have a wicked cool name like yours too! Didn't they have some cool name for King Arthur when he was a kid? Um, what was that?
Li'l Joey: Oh yeah - Wart!
Li'l Joey: I'll be Wart, Squire to the great <playername>!