A Ship's Flag

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A Ship's Flag
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Architect David
Station: Parliament Square
Previous quest: none
Next quest: It Lurks Below (Daily)

Experience: 43400
Palladium: 2500
Standing: none
Other: Feasibility Modulator

Travel to Necropolis Level 5


Travel to Necropolis Level 5





Architect David: Salutations, <playername>. I would welcome you, but I suspect you have been here longer than I.
Architect David: This is but a vessel, after all, of who I am.
Architect David: I am no longer here, and neither are the other Architects. Only our deeds remain behind, as in life, for those who wish to see.
Architect David: Tell me... Do you like this world?
Architect David: This is the world we built, day and night.
Architect David: 210 was where it started, a lifetime ago.
Architect David: Our hopes and reams reside within these walls, our aspirations and ambitions. Our love and passion cemented the floor on which you stand, bore the arms you bear, painted the very skies on which you gaze, at times.
Architect David: We had come from other worlds, before their lands had borders, but none as brilliant as this one would be.
Architect David: Resolve in hand, we soared as high as any Daedalus would dare to, our wings to never melt.
Architect David: But it was not to be.
Architect David: Sailed the seas, we did. Faced our perils, storms and tempests and blizzards... and left them all behind, unscathed. From the Devil to the deep blue sea, we would not feed him thrice. Not on those lands.
Architect David: We confronted the Symplegades and persevered, our tail feathers merely grazed.
Architect David: We saw our journey to its end, the first of many, weaving the world atop our ship...
Architect David: And so it ended, incomplete.
Architect David: Was it our folly, maps distorted and provisions insufficient?
Architect David: Was it our allies, East and West, artfully awaiting our demise?
Architect David: Was it Time, too soon or woefully late?
Architect David: One may never know. The Truth is lost in Time, as in life.
Architect David: I fear I may have bored you. You are looking for a mission, are you not?
Architect David: A purpose.
Architect David: Our ship's flag was beautiful, its colours vibrant as no eyes have seen. It may be long gone, but its dye still lies in this world; beneath, away from eyes, for years.
Architect David: This vessel has unearthed it. Now, I wish to share it, with you who love this world.
Architect David: In return, I ask that you dispose of one of my creations; Belzor, the Eye of Blood.
Architect David: Find it in the deepest halls of the Necropolis and gift it death.

Quest incomplete

Architect David: It is hard to find, is it not? This vessel knows.

Quest completed

Architect David: This is it, yes. Our namesake, from when this world was young.
Architect David: Thank you.