An Oni's Yamato

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Cricket Bat.png
An Oni's Yamato
Unique Cricket Bat

It’s wrong to resent a child for the sins of his father.
- Edward Newgate

Physical Dmg (Direct): 28-32
Electricity Dmg (Splash): 42-50/2m
Attack Speed: Very Slow
Critical Chance: 5%
Critical Damage: 200%
Interrupt Strength: 170
Stun Attack Strength: 360

Adds 8% Fire Damage
Increases use rate of Flying Blade skills by 20%
28% chance to release remote Charged Bolts when it hits an enemy

[0 - 1]

22 Str, 12 Will

Item level 32
Requires Character Level 25

Guardian, Blademaster
St. Paul’s Hellgate only

Drop level range: 32 and above
(Assumes level matches white monster level)