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There are four primary attributes in Hellgate: London: Accuracy, Strength, Stamina, and Willpower.

The interface will display the attributes from top to bottom in the previously stated order. Each attribute will have a bar next to it, as well as two numbers. The top number (Highlighted below with 1) represents how many points your character has placed in a specific attribute. The second number (Highlighted below with 2) is regarding equipment. Every time your character equips items, some of your attribute points are allocated towards this action. The sum of all the attribute points required on all of your equipped items will determine the lower number.



When shooting a gun, a projectile can travel to any location within the player's reticule.

When a player shoots, his reticule will grow larger. As he continues to fire, his reticule will keep growing, making it tough to gauge whether or not a shot will hit an enemy. The higher a player's accuracy is the rate at which the reticule increases size will slow, allowing him a better chance at successfully hitting the enemy.

For every point added to the accuracy attribute, the player gains 0.5% additional critical hit damage.


For every point added to the strength attribute, the player gains 1% extra melee damage.


Every point added to stamina raises hit points by 5.


For each point added to the Willpower attribute the player gains 2 extra power and the power regeneration rate is increased.

Attributes which are already distributed can be altered in two different ways. One way is to use an Attribute Retrainer, which will return your attributes to base value, and return the rest to the Unused counter. The other is visiting the Attribute Retrainer NPC Erich, in Holborn Station, which can reset a specific amount of individual Attributes of your choosing. Do note however, that you need to pay a certain amount of Palladium per point if using the Retrainer NPC. (The amount changes depending on the characters level)