Augmentrex 3000

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The Augmentrex 3000 is used to apply additional random attributes to items and can be found in every station.


Applying these attributes through the Augmentrex 3000 is called Augmenting. Augmenting is a way of customizing a piece of gear that does not require components, the only resource spent is Palladium. The amount of Palladium needed depends on the quality of the added ability and the rarity of the item that is to be modified.

The basic formula for the costs:
- Common attribute: Itemlvl * 100
- Rare attribute: Itemlvl * 400
- Legendary attribute: Itemlvl * 1600

To Augment an item find an Augmentrex 3000 and talk to it. These can be found near the merchant in any station. Place the item you wish to Augment into the equipment box and press the button that corresponds to the augmentation level you want. Item Qualities are broken down into three categories, Common, Rare, and Legendary. Remember that you can only choose the level of the augmentation, not the specific enchantment.

Augmentation limits

An item can be augmented up to 3 times. However, items can only have up to 6 affixes which can include hidden ones. This means that the item might not support all 3 augmentations.

Affixes include:

  • Named affixes (see Item Affixes). Affixes with more than one modifier (e.g. mythic) still only count as a single affix.
  • Hidden item level modifiers found on items above normal quality and some unique items
  • Unnamed affixes with multiple modifiers found on some unique items. For example, a few high-level unique items have one affix with many modifiers.