Bad Doggy

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Bad Doggy
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Dotter
Station: Covent Garden Station
Previous quest: none
Next quest: Trouble Find

Experience: 480
Palladium: 0
Standing: +100 with Covent Garden Station
Other: none

Travel to Covent Garden Steam Tunnels




Dotter: Lord Nyssaylor needs to die.
Dotter: If the beast is allowed to escape our reach the consequences will be most severe.
Dotter: I am not asking you to simply venture to Covent Garden Steam Tunnels and kill some annoying pest. I need Lord Nyssaylor obliterated, utterly.
Dotter: Lord Nyssaylor was one in a series of botched experiments resulting in a string of unnecessary deaths near our Cabal research facilities. It seems Lord Nyssaylor and its kin carry a grudge.
Dotter: Beware! Our loosed experiment may be gifted with uncanny speed, strength and stamina. Indeed, the results of our tests were most unfortunate.

Dotter: You have performed adequately. The threat to our experiments has been neutralized and your advancement has been secured.