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Books & Riddles
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Lord Arphaun
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: Wisdom & Chaos
Next quest: Arms & Answers

Experience: 700
Palladium: 260
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Piccadilly Circus

This is a Storyline Quest.
The previous quest in the sequence was Wisdom & Chaos.
The next quest in the sequence is Arms & Answers.



  • Experience: 700
  • Palladium: 260


Lord Arphaun: You're back. Good.
Lord Arphaun: We must discuss Truth, hm?
Lord Arphaun: I'm afraid my research into the Sage has uncovered little.
Lord Arphaun: But for one obscure reference in a tattered scroll, I'd have counted her appearance a total loss.
Lord Arphaun: The passage is cryptic and archaic.
Lord Arphaun: The rough translation reads: "Want of knowledge births quest. Midnight's Oracle records all. A mockery of wisdom - a tainted sage. In Hell it waits to teach."
Lord Arphaun: There's little else, and most of it incoherent.
Lord Arphaun: Nevertheless, I believe this 'Oracle' to be a perversion of the Sage you encountered - an ancient Demonic tome, the contents of which must slander 'Truth' with unholy gospel.
Lord Arphaun: But a clue is still a clue, hm?
Lord Arphaun: If entire galaxies have succumbed to the Burn as the Sage claims, then the Truth cannot be unknown to the Demon.
Lord Arphaun: Surely the Beast would have tried to consume it.
Lord Arphaun: Failing that, Hell may have created it's own record of Truth.
Lord Arphaun: This "Oracle" is what we must now find.
Lord Arphaun: "In Hell it waits to teach..." On that I have sent all under my command to Rifts identified by the Far Sight you procured.
Lord Arphaun: You've some role to play in this, <playername>.
Lord Arphaun: You're bound to Truth and so must also seek it.
Lord Arphaun: Begin with the Rifts in Piccadilly Circus.
Lord Arphaun: Do your best.
Lord Arphaun: For once in 20 years I feel we're finally moving forward.
Lord Arphaun: But to what, hm?
Lord Arphaun: Something great, I hope.

Lord Arphaun: Excellent! I knew you would succeed, <playername>.
Lord Arphaun: It seems Lann's praise was not exaggerated.
Lord Arphaun: But, hm... This appears to be a severed Demon head.
Lord Arphaun: And quite an animated one at that.
Lord Arphaun: You're positive it's the Oracle?
Lord Arphaun: Hm. Well then, I suppose Truth comes in all forms, doesn't it?
Lord Arphaun: Yes. It must.
Lord Arphaun: So then there must be Truth to find here, too.
Lord Arphaun: We just have to extract what we require.
Lord Arphaun: Perhaps the direct approach will serve?
Lord Arphaun: Oracle of the Dark... Heed me! I seek Truth and so command you: Speak it!
Oracle: Blyargk? Eeeyaaa!
Oracle: Ook.
Oracle: Ook.
Oracle: Eeeyaaa! Grrgk! Grrahck!
Lord Arphaun: I don't suppose asking this foul thing to speak Truth in a human tongue would work, hm?
Lord Arphaun: No. I should have known this wouldn't be easy.
Lord Arphaun: "A tainted Sage," my research said.
Lord Arphaun: Of course the blasted thing won't be forthcoming!
Lord Arphaun: Well, I'm afraid this may take some time, <playername>.
Lord Arphaun: Return in a while.
Lord Arphaun: Hopefully I'll have made some headway with this disgusting creature by then.