Break On Through

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Break On Through
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Murmur
Station: Holborn Station
Previous quest: Broken
Next quest: A Fine Welcome

Experience: 400
Palladium: 55
Standing: +300 with Holborn Station
Other: none

Travel to Holborn Access Shafts

This is a Storyline Quest.
The previous quest in the sequence was Broken.
The next quest in the sequence is A Fine Welcome.



  • Experience: 400
  • Palladium: 55
  • Standing: +300 standing with The People of Holborn Station
  • Items: none


Techsmith 101: Filthy demons! They hit us hard. It was all we could do to drive the bastards out. Now most of our gear is wrecked.
Techsmith 101: Even this bleedin' door's jammed!
Techsmith 101: Help from Covent Garden couldn't reach us even if we could call 'em. What a nightmare.
Techsmith 101: Oh- Did you need to get through, <player's class>?
Techsmith 101: Well I'm afraid the only way this repair is getting sped up is if some capacitors fall into my lap.
Techsmith 101: I could use the stored energy to power a few extra devices 'round here to get things moving, or opening, as the case may be.
Techsmith 101: I know there's some in Holborn Access Shafts, but I'm not going out to get them. That's where the flipping demons fell back to, friend, and frankly, I'm still enjoying life.
Techsmith 101: But if you really - and I mean really - want this door open, you'll have to explore Holborn Access Shafts and find 8 capacitors.

Techsmith 101: I think that just might do it.
Techsmith 101: Let's see here...
Techsmith 101: Yep! Worked.
Techsmith 101: Door's open. Problem solved!