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Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Murmur
Station: Holborn Station
Previous quest: Forage
Next quest: Break On Through

Experience: 0
Palladium: 0
Standing: none
Other: none

Speak to Techsmith 101.

This is a Storyline Quest.
The previous quest in the sequence was Forage.
The next quest in the sequence is Break On Through.



  • None


Murmur: On no... And I thought this place would be safe.
Murmur: Looks like these folks just survived an attack.
Murmur: Half the equipment here is on the fritz.
Murmur: Damn! That includes the passage security door to Covent Garden Station, unfortunately.
Murmur: Alright... I think we can still deal with this, <playername>. We're just going to have to get our hands dirty.
Murmur: Step into that Techsmith's life; he look like he could use the help.
Murmur: Do the repair work for him if you have to.
Murmur: Just please assist these poor people in getting that door open so we can reach Lann in Covent Garden Station and complete the Seraph's mission.
Murmur: Right now it's the only thing that truly matters, <playername>.
Murmur: First steps are always the hardest.