Burning Memory

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Nanodyne Firestarter.png
Burning Memory
Legendary Nanodyne Firestarter

A more refined weapon than the Scorcher, the Firestarter trades splash damage for range. The flexible stream is simple to lock onto single targets, and the high heat of the beam can ignite nearby enemies.
- Operations manual excerpt

Fire Dmg (Beam): 8-10/sec
Fire Dmg (Field): 5-6/sec/1.5m for 2 seconds
Rate of fire: constant
Ignite Attack Strength: 170

Weapon Energy Consumption: +45
+[48 - 54]% Damage to Necros
Adds [52 - 60] to Ignite Attack Strength
[16 - 20]% chance to cause a Fire Nova when it kills an enemy


11 Acc

Item level 13
Requires Character Level 8

Marksman, Engineer

Drop level range: N/A
(Assumes level matches white monster level)

Drop Locations

The Brain (first kill only)