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Dye Kit Effects Overview
Name Effect Min Max
Black Knight Dye Kit All Attributes 1 10
Cold Steel Dye Kit Armor from to
Copper Sky Dye Kit Defense against all from to
Dark Vengeance Dye Kit Luck from to
Earth Core Dye Kit Health Regeneration from to
Indigo Fire Dye Kit Electricity Damage (Thorns) from to
Ivory Haze Dye Kit Shields from to
Ultimate Flame Dye Kit Ignite Attack Strength & Ignite Defense from to
Ultimate Rift Dye Kit Phase Attack Strength & Phase Defense from to
Ultimate Shock Dye Kit Shock Attack Strength & Shock Defense from to
Ultimate Steel Dye Kit Stun Attack Strength & Stun Defense from to
Ultimate Venom Dye Kit Poison Attack Strength & Poison Defense from to
Vanquish Dye Kit SPRINT FIXED 1