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The Templars are the modern descendents of the old Christian order of Knights Templar. While they were persecuted and thought destroyed in the 14th Century, the order merely went underground (in 2038 this is literal) and prepared for the demonic invasion they knew was coming. Visually the two Templar classes look a great deal like their medieval "knights-in-armor" forebears, although modern Templar armor and weaponry combines mystical enhancements with the latest scientific materials. The Templar combat style is up close and personal, relying on swords enchanted with a variety of mystical effects. They may also use shields, and while they have a few ranged weapon choices, these are used mostly to get an opponent's attention and bring them in for a close-up beatdown.

"Fully dressed—because alloy was used, with the thickness of the armor walls, the self-contained environment unit, waste disposal, and the onboard med-system—his weight came in at almost four hundred pounds. Liquid poured into the cavities separating his flesh from the form-fitting armor, making everything more solid. With the liquid in place he wouldn’t get jostled or thumped around during impacts or sudden stops. It was even hygienic and therapeutic, capable of cleansing and medicating wounds that weren’t life-threatening. If a limb were amputated, the suit was designed to seal, stanch the blood with a tourniquet, and stabilize the wearer with medical drugs."

~Description of Templar armor. Hellgate London: Exodus ; Written by Mel Odom

Bm m.pngBm f.png
Gd m.pngGd f.png
The Blademaster is death in motion, a maneuvering force that manages a combat situation by controlling the location of where the fight takes place. As a result, many of the Blademaster's skills are devoted to dealing out fatal strikes as fast as possible or placing themselves into the proper place to kill foes quickly. Skills that allow the Blademaster to zip across the battlefield and launch devastating strikes in rapid succession, before enemies can close in. Blademasters share with their fellow Templar, The Guardians, the ability to develop Auras to protect themselves and boost their lethality. One minute there's a sea of demon flesh in a pack, all snarling fanged mouths and flashing claws. The next minute there's a pile of carrion surrounding a metal-clad warrior. This is the work of the Guardian Templars on the battlefield. While the Guardian shares with the Blademaster a focus on close-up melee combat, the implementation couldn't be more different. The Guardian hones their abilities to be an impenetrable wall, standing between the hordes of hell and their brothers in arms, preventing all from passing them. They are the vanguard of the Human race.
Class Specialty: Close-up damage, can be specced for crowd-control or single-target damage dealing

Visual Style: Blademasters cut a dashing, almost ninja-like figure wielding two swords and close-fitting leathery armor.

Gameplay style: "Let your plans be dark and as impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt" - Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"

Class Specialty: Tanking - Crowd Control

Visual Style: The Guardians are the iconic visual representation of Hellgate: London, Middle Aged Knight's armor fused with the technology of the 21st century.

Gameplay style: "May many of his men fall about him prone in the dust and bite the earth!" - Homer, "The Iliad"


Of the three factions that survived the Burn (the encroachment of Hell's environment on Earth), the most unexpected were the Hunters. The Templars and the Cabal, of course, knew this was coming. The Hunters, though, are the remnants of the world's elite military and intelligence organizations who have found a new enemy to train their sights on. Rather than relying on magic, the Hunters use good old-fashioned projectile weaponry. Utilizing cutting-edge technological advances involved with theoretical physics, dark matter, and all sorts of other master-craftsman designs, Hunters create guns, robots, armor, and all kinds of devastating ranged weaponry.

En m.pngEn f.png
Mm m.pngMm f.png
The Marksman is the offspring of death and shadow. Bringing the technology of man against the brutish nature of Hell and its hordes. The Marksman will fine tune their aim to get the perfect shot each time with devastating fatality or become the instrument of man signaling other hunters to deliver the might of the heavens. Hiding within the shadows and lying in wait until the demons show their face, each Marksman sees the final breath of the minions of Hell and pushes forward with determined vigor. Engineers pride themselves on their technological abilities with their drones at their sides. Implementing the power of diversity, each Engineer has only the limits of physics to bar their potential. Deploying robots that will immobilize the hordes of Hell, boost their allies speed, or deliver cataclysmic destruction. While they walk amongst their Hunter brethren, fighting with the scope and powder, their true companions are the ones they have built themselves piece by piece. Individually designing and crafting a specialized drone to do battle.
Class Specialty: Drone companion - Ranged Combat

Visual Style: Rugged militaristic, built with the finest military designs and specs.

Gameplay style: "If you're in a fair fight, you didn't plan it properly." - Nick Lappos, Chief R&D Pilot, Sikorsky Aircraft.

Class Specialty: Ranged weapon combat - Demolitionist

Visual Style: Kevlar Special Ops body armor.

Gameplay style: "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." George Orwell


The Cabalist are the descendants of ancient magicians and alchemists who were forced to go underground even earlier than the Templars. Even so, the works of Isaac Newton, Aleister Crowley, and Nikola Tesla show that the Cabalists have been preparing for the opening of the Hellgate for longer than even their armored companions by researching the methods and powers of the enemy and using them to defend humanity. While their researches into forbidden arts and their truck with demons means the Cabalists aren't exactly trusted, they've proven in latter days that they are on humanity's side -- for the moment anyway. With the Hellgate now open,and the demonic energy pouring into our world, the arcane magic that flows through the Cabalists has drastically increased. Along with Focus items, the Cabalists use various piercings, runes in forms of tattoos and body scars, and horns grafted on their heads to resemble those of the demons, to further increase and focus their arcane energy. Cabalist combat is all about ranged fighting, whether that involves sending enslaved demons out to destroy their wild brothers or channeling primal forces to blast demons back into Hell.

Ev m.pngEv f.png
Su m.pngSu f.png
Placing the final stitch into their flesh an evoker weaves the last component into their connection to the Well. Twisting and bending the vast power of Hell’s domain to their will, an Evoker brings chaos and destruction to those who oppose them. With the might of magic and conviction, Evokers control the very elements of the world to poison, tear, electrify, and torch the enemies of Humanity. Controlling the minds of others and creating life from the elements, a Summoner burns their own path to power with the help of their creations. With a keen eye for strength each Summoner calls upon the demon’s very own most powerful allies to fight against the darkness of Hell. Or a summoner can follow the path of demonology itself to become one with Hell’s legions to rip and tear apart humanities adversaries.
Class Specialty: Ranged damage spell casting

Visual Style: Piercings, tatoos, and a likeness to demons with horns.

Gameplay style: "The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human soul on fire." - Marshal Ferdinand Foch

Class Specialty: Minion Master / Melee combat with minion support

Visual Style: Piercings, tatoos, and a likeness to demons with horns.

Gameplay style: I don't have to kill you. Because all of them will do it for me.


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