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Before you can join the other survivors in the fight against the demonic envasion, you need to go through the Character Creation screen.

The Character Creation screen has 3 main components. The customization window (1) ; The preview window, where you can see the customizations you made to your character. (2); The description, which gives you a brief introduction to the battle style of your choosing. (3)

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Customization window

The Customization Window is what makes your character unique. In this window, you can select your Name, Class, Gender, Game Mode, and personal characteristics such as Face, Hair style, Facial hair, Accessories, Skin color, Hair color, Height, and Bulk. A Randomize button is also provided if you don't particularly care about looks, and just want to slay demons.


The Name window lets you name your character. The name should be between 3 and 15 characters long. Spaces aren't allowed, tho the space effect can be achieved with the underscore character ( _ ).

Game mode

The Game mode is what makes the playing experience unique. There are 3 game modes: Normal, Elite Elite.jpg, and Hardcore HC.jpg, and can be toggled on/off in the Character Customization window. Leaving Elite and Hardcore modes off will result in Normal mode.

Normal mode is the basic difficulty mode.

Elite mode has increased difficulty in comparison to Normal, with a higher chance of rare mobs spawning, resulting in better loot.

Hardcore mode has the same difficulty as Normal, with the exception of the Permanent Death feature. Characters that die with Hardcore Mode enabled cannot be ressurected.

If you are an advanced player and are looking for a bigger challenge, you can enable Elite and Hardcore mode at the same time, making it Hardcore Elite (Commonly refered to as HCE).

Note: Hardcore and Elite mode can only be enabled when creating a character. Currently the majority of the player base prefers to play in Elite Mode.



In the Gender and Class section you can toggle your character between Male and Female, and choose one of the 6 available Character Classes.


The Face section allows you to select a face for your character. Male characters have 11 available faces, while female characters have 10.

Hair style

The Hair style section allows you to choose a hairstyle. Male characters have 17 available styles, while female characters have 15.

Facial hair/Accessories

Facial hair and Accessories section allows you to choose a beard/moustache, or a combination of earrings and piercings for your character. The Facial hair option is available for male characters, while the Accessories option is available on female characters.

Malefemale.jpg A male and female character with randomized hair style, facial hair, accessories and color.

Skin color


The Skin color section allows you to choose a skin color/skin tone for your character from the 24 available.

Hair color


The Hair color section allows you to choose the color of your hair/facial hair from the 25 available.



The Height and Bulk sliders allow you to set a height and body mass for your character.