Come What May

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Come What May
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Brandon Lann
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: Faith & Fury
Next quest: none

Experience: 1830
Palladium: 90
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: Unidentified Rare Boots

Travel to Stonecutter



  • Experience: 1830
  • Palladium: 90
  • Standing: +50 with People of Templar Base
  • Item: Unidentified Rare Boots


Brandon Lann: There are things I'd like to discuss with you. The ambush... Your arrival there...
Brandon Lann: But not now. I haven't the words or the time.
Brandon Lann: Ahem. Vanquishing that infestation was remarkable.
Brandon Lann: Unfortunately, shortly after the last irradiated blip on our defensive monitoring network winked out, a single entity lumbered into our perimeter.
Brandon Lann: It's big. Very big.
Brandon Lann: We believe this Demon to be a brood master of sorts.
Brandon Lann: Find it in Stonecutter. Kill it before it can nest and recreate the plague you so recently labored to obliterate.

Brandon Lann: Ha! I never doubted.
Brandon Lann: The Demon, The Unholy, is gone. And with it, any chance of re-infestation.