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The Consignment House is a place where survivors can put various items up for sale. Likewise they can also buy items. Usually accessed through a terminal, one is able to view, buy and sell almost everything.
Specific filters allow the user to narrow down searches for offers. These are categorized by the following:

  • Factions - sorts and specifies items by faction (e.g. Templar, Cabalists, Hunters)
  • Item type - specifies the type of item (e.g. weapons, armour, etc.)
  • Category - further breaks down what type of weapon or armour is being displayed (e.g. torso armour or 1-handed guns)
  • Level Range - this narrows down the item level that is dislayed
  • Price range - applies a specific price range of within which items are displayed
  • Minimum Quality - this specifies the minimum item quality that is displayed


Consignment House stations can be found in multiple stations across the game.

Consignment House locations
Station Location
Charing Cross Station opposite of the Wanted bulletin board
Templar Base in the same room with Salus and the player stash
Parliament Square right behind Titus
Stonehenge beneath the Omerta memorial statue