Console Commands

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G - Guild Window (Subscribers Only)

J - Toggle Achievements window

/accept - Accept party invite

/autoparty - Toggle Autoparty

/boot [playername] - Boots player from your party

/channeljoin [channelname] - Join the specified chat channel

/channelleave [channelname] - Leave the specified chat channel

/channels - Lists the available channels

/decline - Decline party invite

/disband - Disband your party

/duel [playername] - Initiate a duel

/e [emotemessage] - Says your characters name doing the action you type

/emote [emotemessage] - Same command as /e

/fps - Toggles frames per second

/friend_accept [playersname] - Accept friend invite

/friend_add [playersname] - Send a friend invite to a player

/friend_decline - Decline friend invite

/friend_list - Lists your friends and gives you a total

/friend_pending_list - Lists the players you invited that haven't accepted or declined yet

/friend_remove [playersname] - Removes player from your friends list

/g - Activates your guilds private chat room

/gaccept - Accept invite to guild

/gchat [channelname] - Activate your guilds private chat room

/gcreate [guildname] - Create a guild with the specified name

/gdecline - Decline invite to guild

/ginvite [playersname] - Invite player to your guild

/gleave - Leave the guild

/gpromote [playersname] - Promote player to leader of the guild

/gremove [playersname] - Remove player from the guild

/ignore [playersname] - Ignore all messages and invites from a player

/ignore_who - Shows a list of the players on your ignore list

/invite [playersname] - Invite a player to join your party

/l [message] - Send a message to the town channel

/leave - Leave the party you are in

/local [message] - Same as /l

/p [message] - Send message to your party

/party [message] - Same as /p

/ping - Toggles the ping

/played - Tells user how much total time they have spent on the game

/promote [playersname] - Promote a new party leader

/pvp - Toggle player vs. player

/quit - Exits game straight to desktop

/r [message] - Send a reply to the last person that sent you a private message

/reply [message] - Same as /r

/s [message] - Shout a message so all can hear

/screenshot - Takes a screen shot and saves it to the computer

/shout [message] - Same as /s

/stuck - Transports the player back to the beginning of the current adventure level after a short period of time

/t [playersname] - Send a private message to the player

/tell [playersname] - Same as /t

/town [message] - Send a message to the town channel

/unignore [playersname] - Remove player from your ignore list

/uninvite [playername] - Cancel party invite to player

/version - Shows your version of the game, Optimizations enabled or disabled, and Cheats enabled or disabled

/w [playersname] [message] - Send a private message to the player

/whisper [playersname] [message] - Same as /w

/who - Shows a list of names of the players currently online

/y [message] - Shout a message

/yell [message] - Same as /y