Cute Name. Where From?

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Cute Name. Where From?
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Rorke Pherral
Station: Finsbury Square
Previous quest: Mad? Kill Something!
Next quest: For King & Country

Experience: 1456
Palladium: 50
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: Normal Mods

Travel to Moorgate



  • Experience: 1456
  • Palladium: 50
  • Standing: +50 standing with The People of Templar Base
  • Item: Normal Mods


Rorke Pherral: Look, we both know the Sigil and the remaining Truth are our only real chance to close that giant interdimensional door we call a Hellgate, but rushing around like headless chickens isn't going to make it happen faster, kid.
Rorke Pherral: So let's take a breather and kill a few more Demonic bigwigs we sighted with our new arcane-powered systems.
Rorke Pherral: I got another blip at Moorgate. Big one.
Rorke Pherral: Should be worse than the last time, considering how many more runes are flying around the screen.
Rorke Pherral: The machines are telling me it's an Earthshaker, for whatever the hell that means.
Rorke Pherral: Make sure you ask the bastard if that name came from the father or mother's side before you make it die.

Rorke Pherral: Oh, ho, ho... Nice.
Rorke Pherral: I keep lining them up and you keep taking 'em down.
Rorke Pherral: I like the way this works, kid.
Rorke Pherral: I finally feel like a real boss, delegating and doing and all that good stuff.