Dawn of the Dead

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This level is accessible from Holborn Station after reaching level 50 by activating the Necromantic Talisman, which can be crafted in your cube, and grants access to this level for a limited period of time. The access granted by the talisman is only applied to the player that used the talisman, so all party members must use the Necromantic Talisman each to enter. After this time period expires you cannot re-enter the map if you leave it until you activate another Talisman. This level is designed for party play (3+ participants strongly recommended), and its difficulty is based on the assumption that everyone in your party is well geared from previous content tiers.


A Necromantic Talisman is needed to open a portal to the Dawn of the Dead area. This portal will last 5 minutes until it will close. The first talisman can be acquired through a quest. Each subsequent one has to be crafted via the cube.


The area itself is filled with the undead, as its name would suggest. Mummy and Malformation zombies possess moderate poison attack strength, which coupled with their sheer numbers can lead to almost permanent poison effect on players, who dare to challenge big groups of them at once. As undead in general they are weak to ignite and strong against poison [1]. Malformation zombies have EMP ability that removes player's shields and prevents them from recharging for a set duration.





Imhotep drops

Icon Name Class Chance
T Guards m.png Defender's Chausses Guardian, Blademaster 10%*
Apprentice Helmet m.png Hexer's Shroud Evoker, Summoner
Hardcover m.png Visor of the Invader Marksman, Engineer
Masamune Nodachi.png Blade of Chaos Guardian, Blademaster 5%*
Darkclaw.png Mortal Domain Evoker, Summoner
HARP.png Odin's Legacy Marksman, Engineer

*Always matches player's class.

Dye Kits
Icon Name Chance
Heroic Dye Kit.png Heroic Dye Kit 15%
Jade Dye Kit.png Jade Dye Kit
Shadow Dye Kit.png Shadow Dye Kit
Scorched Dye Kit.png Scorched Dye Kit
Twilight Dye Kit.png Twilight Dye Kit
Wasp Dye Kit.png Wasp Dye Kit
Icon Name Chance
Faction-specific Mythic armor 20%*
Faction-specific Mythic weapon 10%*
Ublueprint.png Dark Master Blueprint 5%

*Always matches player's class.

Ankhsunamun drops

Icon Name Chance
Cursedring.png Wedding Ring 5%


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