Dawn of the Zombies

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Dawn of the Zombies
Optional Quest

Quest giver: George
Station: Holborn Station
Previous quest: none
Next quest: Day of the Zombies

Experience: 200
Palladium: 55
Standing: +100 with Holborn Station
Other: White torso armor

Travel to Tottenham Court Road



  • Experience: 200
  • Palladium: 55
  • Standing: +100 standing with The People of Holborn Station
  • Items: White class specific torso armor


George: Sorry. I was just remembering somethin' my granddad used to tell us.
George: Did you know Granddad was a priest in Trinidad mate? Yeah.And he says- Well... That is he used to say, "Son, when there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth."
George: Seems like he might have been right in retrospect.
George: Specifically, Tottenham Court Road is crawling with the dead. Full or not, maybe you can help out by sending 10 zombies back to the Hell they walked out of.

George: That sure will help, mate.