Day of the Zombies

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Day of the Zombies
Optional Quest

Quest giver: George
Station: Holborn Station
Previous quest: Dawn of the Zombies
Next quest: Night of the Zombies

Experience: 300
Palladium: 55
Standing: +100 with Holborn Station
Other: Enhanced leg armor

Travel to Holborn Access Shafts



  • Experience: 300
  • Palladium: 55
  • Standing: +100 standing with The People of Holborn Station
  • Items: Enhanced leg armor


George: We don't have enough ammunition to shoot them all! In the beginning... maybe. But not now. Not anymore.
George: No, we let them overrun us. Now we are the minority.
George: But it might be we could tip the odds in our favor a bit. Just a bit...
George: Thin the pack by destroying 3 blood zombies. Find them in Holborn Access Shafts.

George: That should help. Thank you.