Death to Order

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Death to Order
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Tyndall
Station: Liverpool Street Station
Previous quest: Relevant Relics
Next quest: Regicide

Experience: 2130
Palladium: 95
Standing: +100 with Liverpool Street Station
Other: Unidentified Enhanced Weapon

Travel to Devonshire Square



  • Experience: 2130
  • Palladium: 95
  • Standing: +100 standing with The People of Liverpool Street Station
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Weapon


Tyndall: Ah, <playername>. Welcome back.
Tyndall: The relic you scanned turned out to be most useful. It has allowed us to pinpoint the location of powerful Demons.
Tyndall: It's likely this artifact, some remnant of an earlier age, was created to reveal Evil of great power, should it threaten whatever ancient culture ruled at the time.
Tyndall: The first Demon to be identified is Hammerjack.
Tyndall: I can't say I've had the particular displeasure of meeting this beast in the field, but its ill deeds are not unknown to me.
Tyndall: Head to Devonshire Square and dispatch Hammerjack before it can do any more harm to nearby patrols.

Tyndall: Fine work, <playername>.
Tyndall: We'll use the relic to identify more worthwhile targets. Come back soon.