Draw a Picture

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Draw a Picture
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Nasim
Station: Monument Station
Previous quest: Demons of Notoriety
Next quest: In One Sitting

Experience: 1340
Palladium: 95
Standing: +100 with Monument Station
Other: Unidentified Rare Boots

Explore Threadneedle



  • Experience: 1340
  • Palladium: 95
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Monument Station
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Rare Boots


Nasim: Still keeping your head above the political waves?
Nasim: Good. Drowning in politics is not an appealing way to go.
Nasim: If you're ready for a break, I have another easy recon opportunity.
Nasim: Our records on Threadneedle are dated. We'll need them updated if we're ever to launch another successful sortie there.

Nasim: Mm... It's amazing how fast these places change.
Nasim: You'd think they were rearranging themselves every time we went outside.