Emissaries of Myth

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General info

New, powerful enemies of the mythical Mutant grade have found their way to London and beyond. Those enemies will rotate each week, emerging and retreating throughout the month. This is the first custom and permanent, global event on the 2038 server.

Structure and Rotation

From lv31 maps onward, Survivors will encounter Mutant subbosses in Hidden Passageways across London (excluding cave-type ones found in Stonehenge). These Mutants will carry some valuable treasure of their own, and a unique, tradeable, caste-specific ingredient. You may combine 100 of this ingredient into an untradeable consumable item in the Cube. Using this item will initiate quests that call forth the respective caste’s Mutant boss in specific maps, which you may then challenge.

These powerful new bosses have been mutated by an unknown power. While their base forms will be familiar, they will come with some unique characteristics of their own:

  • Mutant quality - these bosses have been mutated into new levels of power. They will be much sturdier, and deal much more damage than their common brethren.
  • New mechanics - with their ascension came newfound powers. Each of them will have a new set of skills to dissuade challengers.
  • Iron will - these bosses will be summoned, but they will not be swayed. With power comes wisdom, so they will not respond to taunts and provocations, succumb to fear, or have their minds controlled.

The caste of the subbosses and respective bosses will change each week, with each caste taking up one week of each month. Should you not manage to gather enough of a caste’s ingredients in time, they will permanently remain in your possession. There will be a small downtime in-between rotations, as each month lasts longer than 4 standard weeks. During this brief period, no subbosses will spawn. With the 1st of a new months, the subbosses will return and spawn as normal. This does not however prevent brave ones to challenge the Emissaries at any given time, should they have enough fragments or talisman stockpiled.

Each of the subbosses will 'take up' one week of the month, and each caste’s boss will be summoned in its own dedicated map. Specifically:

  • Week 1: Demons - You may summon Malphas, a mutated Shaman Imp, to Veil Asunder. Beware, its leashed allies have also tapped into new powers themselves.
  • Week 2: Spectrals - You may summon Xitalu, a mutated member of the unnamed species of Oculis, to Step into Hell in Piccadilly Circus.
  • Week 3: Necros - You may summon Ruax, a mutated Zombie Summoner, to Possibly Australia. Unlike this map’s usual residents, it will award exp if killed.
  • Week 4: Beasts - You may summon Eihort, a mutated Carnagor, to The Foreboding Wild. Like Malphas, it has shared its newfound powers with its leashed allies.


The Emissaries of Myth subbosses may drop some of the following items amongst other items[1]:

Emissaries of Myth subboss drops
Icon Name Rarity Class
XM107 Firefox Launcher.png Arcane Desolator unique Guardian, Blademaster
Plague Spreader.png Kilij Reforged unique Guardian, Blademaster
Devastator.png Faraday's Law unique Guardian, Blademaster
Sandman MIRV.png The Beeholder unique Marksman, Engineer
F-S Steelhook Launcher.png Screecher's Wail unique Marksman, Engineer
F-S Triton SNPR.png Gift Of Hades unique Marksman, Engineer
Arcane Locus.png Tontus Talontus unique Evoker, Summoner
XM803 Zeus Rifle.png The Master's Wand unique Evoker, Summoner
Tempest Rifle.png Bragi's Tongue unique Evoker, Summoner
Dynamo Cog.png Lolth's Ritual mythic
Nanodyne Super Cell.png Reach of Talos mythic
Rat Monkey Claw.png Tymora's Tear mythic

The Emissaries of Myth bosses may drop some of the following items amongst other items[2][3]:

Emissaries of Myth boss drops
Icon Name Rarity Class
T Armet m.png King Baldwin's Crown unique Guardian, Blademaster
T Steel Spaulders m.png Horns of Hattin unique Guardian, Blademaster
T Plated Cuirass m.png The Tinker's Chest unique Guardian, Blademaster
T Girdeon m.png Troyes' Council unique Guardian, Blademaster
T Heavy Leg Plates m.png The Traveling Pants unique Guardian, Blademaster
T Heavy Gauntlets m.png Ascalon Bracers unique Guardian, Blademaster
T Sollerets m.png Unrepentant Pace unique Guardian, Blademaster
Dissector.png Contagion Grinder mythic Guardian, Blademaster
Dissector Shield.png Serpent Protector mythic Guardian, Blademaster
H Truesights m.png Eagle Eyes unique Marksman, Engineer
H Slants m.png Harry's Hardcase unique Marksman, Engineer
H Safeguard m.png Milo's Reprieve unique Marksman, Engineer
H Packer m.png Multitask Holder unique Marksman, Engineer
H Locktights m.png Destriders unique Marksman, Engineer
H Arm Flexers m.png Wheldon's Wheelgrips unique Marksman, Engineer
H Sneaks m.png Drexler's Smooth Move unique Marksman, Engineer
XM909 Thunderclash.png XM9x-B Viral Thunder mythic Marksman, Engineer
F-S Force Magnum.png XM83-B Nuclear Rail Cannon mythic Marksman, Engineer
C Caparison m.png Tegument of the Ages unique Evoker, Summoner
C Anorak m.png Carver's Razormantle unique Evoker, Summoner
C Trencheon m.png Fryjia's Frock unique Evoker, Summoner
C Ring m.png Band of Trickery unique Evoker, Summoner
C Prowlers m.png Obraim's Tassets unique Evoker, Summoner
C Pittards m.png Glittens of the Archmage unique Evoker, Summoner
C Gaits m.png Way of the Eternal Mist unique Evoker, Summoner
Ripshard.png Claw of Eihort mythic Evoker, Summoner
Eviceration Bloodshard.png Fist of Ruax mythic Evoker, Summoner