Fidelis ad Mortem

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Fidelis ad Mortem
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Aeron Altair
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: There All Honor Lies
Next quest: none

Experience: 1830
Palladium: 90
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: Unidentified Rare Shoulder Armor

Travel to Monument Station



  • Experience: 1830
  • Palladium: 90
  • Standing: +50 with People of Templar Base
  • Item: Unidentified Rare Shoulder Armor


Aeron Altair: I think we're nearly done here, thank goodness.
Aeron Altair: Nothing complex this time, <playername>. I just need a trustworthy courier.
Aeron Altair: Bring this Message from Ser Sing to Connor in Monument Station. Simple as that.

Connor: So... You're the one, eh?
Connor: Not as tall as I thought.
Connor: You're supposed to stand three meters and be composed entirely of impregnable rock, you know.
Connor: Work on that.
Connor: Ah, you also bring a missive from Aeron?
Connor: Wonderful. Let's see what the Seraph would have of me.