Fine Time

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Fine Time
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Lolli
Station: Oxford Circus Station
Previous quest: Jaywalker
Next quest: none

Experience: 430
Palladium: 75
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: Rare Torso Armor

Travel to Downing Street



  • Experience: 430
  • Palladium: 75
  • Standing: +50 Standing with the people of Templar Base
  • Item: Rare torso armour


Lolli: I'm afraid I've found another offender, <playername>.
Lolli: You did such a fine job kill- er, ticketing the last one, I hoped you'd do it once more.
Lolli: I really would like Phenomenae viciously combusted for this offense.
Lolli: That's two Demons that have traversed my crossing. An example must be made.
Lolli: Find Phenomenae in Downing Street; then, spread it all over Downing Street!

Lolli: Mm-hm. The timely destruction of Phenomenae has been noted.
Lolli: That will do nicely. Thank you.