For King & Country

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For King & Country
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Rorke Pherral
Station: Finsbury Square
Previous quest: Cute Name. Where From?
Next quest: Nice Party

Experience: 1606
Palladium: 100
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: 1 Stat Point
Unidentified Rare Helmet

Travel to Lamb's Passage



  • Experience: 1606
  • Palladium: 100
  • Standing: +50 standing with The People of Templar Base
  • Stat Point: 1
  • Item: Unidentified Rare Helmet


Rorke Pherral: Ready for round three, kid?
Rorke Pherral: This one's a biggie. Bigger than all the rest. Hands-down. No contest.
Rorke Pherral: Its blip on the machine is fantastically huge, meaning it's either severely overweight and needs to cut down on the daily flesh intake, or it's some kind of awesomely powerful Demon beyond comprehension.
Rorke Pherral: Anyhoo! It's in Lamb's Passage. Be a sport and blow it up.
Rorke Pherral: We've got precious little time, now. All the Sigil and Truth whatever-the-hell is surely coming to a head.

Rorke Pherral: Damn. If we keep picking off the biggies like this, they'll have nothing left to stand against us when we roll on the gate.