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Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Murmur
Station: Holborn Station
Previous quest: none
Next quest: Broken

Experience: 0
Palladium: 0
Standing: none
Other: none

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is the first quest, and a Storyline Quest with multiple parts.
The next quest in the sequence is: Broken



  • Part 1
    • None
  • Part 2
    • Item: A message from Dr. Fawkes
  • Part 3
    • None


Part 1

Murmur: Hello, can you hear me, <playername>?
Murmur: Please respond, I need help...
Murmur: Oh, thank goodness you're there!
Murmur: Maybe there's still a chance.
Murmur: I was foraging when the demons came.
Murmur: A templar seraph and his men took the brunt of it.
Murmur: Things went... wrong. I'm stranded.
Murmur: But maybe we can help each other?
Murmur: Holborn isn't far. We might actually make it together.
Murmur: I'm here somewhere. Close, for sure, but you'll still need to find me... and soon.
Murmur: I can help you - Whatever you need.
Murmur: I've studied the Demon, the world, anything, everything. Get me ou of this and you'll see. I promise you will see.
Murmur: Just find me.
Murmur: I've got our commlink units synched.
Murmur: We'll be in touch, whatever happens. By the way...
Murmur: I am Murmur.

Part 2

Murmur: Thank you. Truly, thank you, <playername>.
Murmur: I wasn't always alone and helpless out here, you know.
Murmur: The Templar with me were butchered.
Murmur: These weren't ordinary Templar, either.
Murmur: These were Seraphim - first among the Order's champions.
Murmur: So believe me, we do not want to meet whatever did them in.
Murmur: But - and it's a big one - their mission was critically important.
Murmur: There's no running from it. I'm afraid we can't flee to safety just yet.
Murmur: The Order committed an entire Fist of Seraphim to one objective.
Murmur: They were to retrieve a man named Fawkes
Murmur: That didn't pan out, but the fallen Seraphim still carry vital information regarding this Fawkes character.
Murmur: We have to secure that info.
Murmur: For so many to have died for nothing... It's unthinkable.
Murmur: We must at least try.
Murmur: You lead. I'll follow.
Murmur: Don't worry, <playername>, I'm quite used to it.

Part 3

Seraphim: Ambushed... Everyone's dead.
Seraphim: The mission! It cannot fail. It must not fail.
Seraphim: You!
Seraphim: You must finish it.
Seraphim: The Doctor- Fawkes, Dr. Fawkes...
Seraphim: Listen, his device...
Seraphim: You must bring word to Lann.
Seraphim: Give him Fawkes' Communique. He must find the device.
Seraphim: Go to Covent Garden Station.
Seraphim: Go and deliver Fawkes' Communique to Lann
Seraphim: He'll understand. He'll find the Doctor... use the device.
Seraphim: There's still hope. There's always hope... Always ho...