Gig for Old Cap

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Gig for Old Cap
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Joanne
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: Find Dobster
Next quest: Bill Brasky

Experience: 980
Palladium: 60
Standing: +100 with Temple Station
Other: 1 Stat Point
Enhanced Weapon

Travel to Temple Station



  • Experience: 980
  • Palladium: 60
  • Stat Point: 1
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Temple Station
  • Item: Enhanced weapon


Joanne: I really do appreciate all the help you've been. The palladium was a nice save. And Dobster...
Joanne: Well, Dobster got me to thinking about my old stories. And then I thought, "Where are the stories now?"
Joanne: Maybe we've lost our imagination as well as our world. Wouldn't that be dreadful?
Joanne: I'm going to do something about it, though.
Joanne: I'm going to start a small theater. Maybe run some irregular plays -- brighten the place up.
Joanne: I just need a strong leading man for a major role.
Joanne: I've been thinking about Tiberius. He's certainly... star quality. A real ladies man, too.
Joanne: Care to drop the official invite on him for me?
Joanne: Great! You can find Tiberius in Temple Station.

Tiberius: Yes? How -- can I help -- YOU?
Tiberius: Oh... MY. A -- message -- and from Joanne, you say?
Tiberius: Acting, hm...? A thespian, hm? WELL! I -- always have possessed a TREMENDOUS voice.
Tiberius: I will consider it!
Tiberius: And you! OH... You must come back to me -- and...SOON.