Give 110

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Give 110
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Aeron Altair
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: none
Next quest: Omnia Omnibus

Experience: 1180
Palladium: 42
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: Unidentified Enhanced Weapon

Travel to Bell Yard



  • Experience: 1180
  • Palladium: 42
  • Standing: +50 with People of Templar Base
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Weapon


Aeron Altair: <playername>! Good to see you.
Aeron Altair: Lann is recovering from his ordeal. It goes slow, but it's a recovery nonetheless.
Aeron Altair: I'm afraid inactivity and his prolonged absence from Templar Base has left Brandon in a sour mood.
Aeron Altair: He means to see this fortification run with even more precision than Covent Garden Station, over which he has reigned for some time now.
Aeron Altair: It's impractical of him to strive for similar levels of efficiency, especially given how many more troops and equipment regularly shunt through this hub.>br> Aeron Altair: But I am nothing if not loyal to my friends, and so help as I can.
Aeron Altair: Though, even I am overburdened with tasks.
Aeron Altair: I say it true, make a name for yourself as a fighter and every minor infestation suddenly becomes your responsibility.
Aeron Altair: I would certainly be willing to share the action -- there's enough to go around -- if you're interested.
Aeron Altair: Right now I'm faced with eliminating 4 Warpers in Bell Yard.
Aeron Altair: Frankly, I've not time to spare it.
Aeron Altair: Interested, friend?

Aeron Altair: All finished then? Good, good.