Goldie's Tactic

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Holy Negotiator.png
Goldie's Tactic
Unique Holy Negotiator

Hearken, we beseech thee! Deign to bless with righteousness this Sword that it may be a Defense against the scourge of demons, that it may be the terror and dread of all evil-doers, and that it may be just in both attack and Defense.
- The Templar prayer for a Knight’s Sword

Physical Dmg (Direct): 35-[56 - 57]
Physical Dmg (Splash): 9-15/1m
Attack Speed: Very Slow
Critical Damage: 50%
Interrupt Strength: 180
Stun Attack Strength: 130

Increases Physical Damage by [20 - 22]%
+[48 - 54]% Damage to Necros
Adds [79 - 92] to Stun Attack Strength

42 Str

Item level 22
Requires Character Level 16

Guardian, Blademaster

Drop level range: 19 - 25
(Assumes level matches white monster level)