Harper's Fury

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Threat Elimination Device.png
Harper's Fury
Unique Threat Elimination Device

Bold, overhanging, as it were threatening cliffs, thunder clouds towering up into the heavens... make our capacity to resist into an insignificant trifle in comparison with their power.
- Immanuel Kant

This gun's Exploding Spikes do not have a cooldown interval.
Electricity Dmg (Splash): 19-27/1m
Spectral Dmg (Field): 6-9/sec/4m for 2 seconds
Rate of fire: 240 shots/min
Shock Attack Strength: 245
Phase Attack Strength: 183

Hit Point Bonus: +5%
Weapon Energy Consumption: -12
70% chance to fire remote Exploding Spikes when it kills an enemy

[1 - 2]
[1 - 3]

80 Acc, 28 Str

Item level 45
Requires Character Level 37

Drop level range: 36 - 50
(Assumes level matches white monster level)