Hell's Yard

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Hell's Yard
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Brandon Lann
Station: Covent Garden Station
Previous quest: A Fine Welcome
Next quest: Test Monkey

Experience: 720
Palladium: 210
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Covent Garden Market

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: A Fine Welcome
The next quest in the sequence is: Test Monkey.



  • Experience: 720
  • Palladium: 210
  • Standing: +300 standing with The People of Holborn Station
  • Items: none


Brandon Lann: You're here. Good.
Brandon Lann: It might interest you to know we've at last decoded Fawkes' Communiqué.
Brandon Lann: "Save me," Fawkes pleads. "I must speak with Lord Arphaun.I have what we need."
Brandon Lann: Some communiqué...
Brandon Lann: If only the good doctor left coordinates.
Brandon Lann: Regardless, we know Fawkes to be a man of some significance; thus, I am assigning the necessary <player's class> to locate and secure him.
Brandon Lann: You're going to be among them, <playername>.
Brandon Lann: I'm taking a chance here, make no mistake
Brandon Lann: Just sending you out, inexperienced as you are, seems a grievous error in judgement.
Brandon Lann: But you did well by the Seraph Joseph.
Brandon Lann: You honored his name with action and have earned the right to see this through.
Brandon Lann: I cannot ignore that.
Brandon Lann: I may be a fool in this decision, but I am no reckless fool.
Brandon Lann: I will not have you gallivanting about distant lands getting yourself killed.
Brandon Lann: I want you close - within reach.
Brandon Lann: Your search for Fawkes will be limited to Covent Garden Market, a resticted area adjacent to this very station.
Brandon Lann: Scour that zone.
Brandon Lann: Report any sign of Fawkes directly to me.
Brandon Lann: Above all, keep well, <playername>

  • Investigate the Anomaly

Wounded Templar: Fawkes-*bzzzt*-lost.
Wounded Templar: We had him! Now he's lo-*bzzzt*
Wounded Templar: They have-*bzzzt*-out of nowhere!
Wounded Templar: I don't know what. But it was something big. Something-*bzzzt*-too much.
Wounded Templar: *bzzzt*-leapt after him.
Wounded Templar: They took him into the Rift!
Wounded Templar: Tell Lann to send help!
Wounded Templar: Send lots of help!

  • Breach the Hellrift
  • Find Dr. Fawkes

Doctor Fawkes: Poor Fawkes... You're too late, <playername>.
Doctor Fawkes: But you tried. I know you tried.
Doctor Fawkes: Now, get what you can from the doctor's remains and head back to Covent Garden Station.
Doctor Fawkes: It's a gruesome task, but we know how valuable this man is- rather, how valuable he was.
Doctor Fawkes: See Lann as soon as possible.

Brandon Lann: Dr. Fawkes, delivered at last.
Brandon Lann: Well, at least now we know.
Brandon Lann: This is a terrible gift you bring, <playername>. But this...sack of Fawkes is a gift nonetheless.
Brandon Lann: My men searched tirelessly and many died to secure the good doctor.
Brandon Lann: That you were in the exact area of the Rift to salvage their mission - and even what was left of Fawkes himself - was most fortunate.
Brandon Lann: It seems in trying to keep you safe I subjected you to the worst possible danger.
Brandon Lann: And yet I picked well, did I not?
Brandon Lann: Check back with me after the Smiths have examined the doctor's remains and belongings.
Brandon Lann: We'll take it up from there.
Brandon Lann: Oh, and <playername>...
Brandon Lann: You've certainly made your points.
Brandon Lann: We can use you.
Brandon Lann: I can use you.