Helping Hands

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Helping Hands
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Arphaun
Station: Monument Station
Previous quest: Big Sister's Song
Next quest: Tripping the Rift

Experience: 3300
Palladium: 170
Standing: none
Other: none

Travel to Tudor Street

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: Big Sister's Song
The next quest in the sequence is: Tripping the Rift

  • Quest name: Helping Hands



  • Experience: 3300
  • Palladium: 170


Arphaun: We have a problem, <playername>.
Arphaun: The High Lord Maxim, Seneschal of the Templar, is mustering his ranks. I suspect he means to assault the Hellgate.
Arphaun: Hmph! It's no great surprise. Maxim has always been plagued by arrogance and excessive ambition.
Arphaun: A growing need to become legend has made the High Lord blind to all reason.
Arphaun: Now the fool thinks himself the next Patrick Sumerisle!
Arphaun: The late Grand Master wrote his name with blood in the annals of our history. Maxim yearns for similar recognition, but doesn't understand...
Arphaun: Summerisle sacrificed to secure our future. He died so that we might live!
Arphaun: Maxim... Well, he fights only to secure glory -- an ignoble reason to begin any crusade.
Arphaun: Worse, now that we've met three Truths, the High Lord may actually think himself capable of victory.
Arphaun: I fear he could even launch a premature assault upon the Hellgate, despite the Sister telling us we must first discover the other Truths.
Arphaun: The fool!
Arphaun: An assault now will earn us nothing but death.
Arphaun: Truth is the key! I'm certain of that. To ignore it is to embrace oblivion.
Arphaun: Hm. I think you may be able to help, <playername>.
Arphaun: If the High Lord is mad enough to put his own wants before the lives of all Templar -- of all survivors! -- we must know for sure.
Arphaun: Only you can find out.
Arphaun: All I require now is a way to get you in the door, close to Maxim.
Arphaun: Hm. I will work on that. Come back to me soon.

  • Speak with Arphaun again

Arphaun: I must speak with you. Time is short.
Arphaun: I'm afraid I have done something...impulsive that may aid you in entering Maxim's circle.
Arphaun: I have intercepted a video transmission from the Seraphim First Sword, Aeron Altair, one of Maxim's most valued knights.
Arphaun: Listen now.

Aeron Altair: Lord Maxim, Your pardon, sire. Principality Lann and his Fist were fallen upon in Tudor Street.
Aeron Altair: Lann himself was taken.
Aeron Altair: I beg you spare the Fists necessary to mount a rescue. Without reinforcements, Lann stands little chance.

Arphaun: Templar Base is but one stop from where Lann was ambushed, <playername>, but Maxim will send no one...
Arphaun: He has not received this signal. I have not allowed it to pass.
Arphaun: Please, I know this seems a terrible thing, but you must understand what's at stake. You must listen to me!
Arphaun: War, <playername>... I speak now of war and its cost.
Arphaun: Yes, Lann may die. I know it. But his capture presents an opportunity I will not dismiss.
Arphaun: If Maxim assaults the Hellgate now, as I suspect, all will be lost.
Arphaun: Sometimes, for the greater good an individual must sacrifice everything.
Arphaun: Lann would understand, <playername>. Can you?
Arphaun: If you will, I would have you meet Seraph Altair at Tudor Street and attempt Lann's rescue.
Arphaun: Maxim thrives off heroics. If you can save the Principality and deliver him to Maxim, you may yet gain insight into the High Lord's schemes.
Arphaun: Even if you fail to secure Brandon, the very attempt will shine and Maxim will still be -- hm, there is no soft way to put it -- in need of a new Principality.
Arphaun: Take this first-aid kit. I hope Lann still lives to make use of it.
Arphaun: I am sorry. In war, no decision is easy, <playername>.
Arphaun: Good luck and Godspeed.

Aeron Altair: You're Arphaun's champion, aren't you? The one Lann spoke so highly of.
Aeron Altair: But this is Maxim's operation... Why has the High Lord not reinforced us himself?
Aeron Altair: Was my transmission not received?
Aeron Altair: Whatever the reason, I suppose it's of little consequence now.
Aeron Altair: You're no Fist, but you will have to do.
Aeron Altair: I will not leave... I will not leave Lann, <playername>. I will not!
Aeron Altair: Since it looks like we're not to be given more men, we will have to save him ourselves.
Aeron Altair: Time is short. But together we may yet rescue the Principality.
Aeron Altair: I have Knights in Temple Place. They've spotted the beasts that ambushed Lann's Fist.
Aeron Altair: If we head there at once, we can overtake them.
Aeron Altair: Are you with me?"

Templar Guard: Seraph Altair! Sir, we've spotted those who took Principality Lann.
Templar Guard: His captors have retreated to a Rift. He...
Templar Guard: Sir, he didn't look well.
Templar Guard: There isn't much time. We await orders.
Aeron Altair: Hold fast, Knight. We're on our way.
Aeron Altair: Let's find that Hellrift, <playername>.
Aeron Altair: I have business with hell this night.

Maxim: Mm... Lann Lives, does he?
Maxim: All for the better. The story of his rescue must be thrilling.
Maxim: He has --ah-- spoken of you, <playername>. I did not realize the adoration flowed both ways.
Maxim: This devotion pleases me.
Maxim: Tell me, will you show the same --ah-- courtesy to me? Mm, young one?
Maxim: Know that there is a place for the obedient within my ranks.
Maxim: Loyalty will soon yield glory greater than any have held!
Maxim: Have you the courage to seize it?
Maxim: It is nearly time for the unholy Gate itself to fall, young one. So very nearly time.
Maxim: Come! Enjoy my haven; Templar Base is not without its --ah-- comforts.
Maxim: For me there is still much to do. Yes, I think I shall have need of you soon.