History Lessons

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History Lessons
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Lyra Darius
Station: Liverpool Street Station
Previous quest: Passing Presence
Next quest: Priority Parts

Experience: 1380
Palladium: 47
Standing: +100 with Liverpool Street Station
Other: Normal Mods

Explore Abandoned Tunnels



  • Experience: 1380
  • Palladium: 47
  • Standing: +100 standing with The People of Liverpool Street Station
  • Item: Normal Mods


Lyra Darius: I've actually learned quite a bit from that first round of environment data.
Lyra Darius: I'm still on the hunt for more pieces, though.
Lyra Darius: Since the initial scans were so promising, I've decided to expand the search to Abandoned Tunnels.
Lyra Darius: It's unlikely we'll find any blast fragments or traces of how I ended up where I did, but scouring the area may reveal more about the Reaper that attacked me and how I could have survived that ordeal in Temple Church.

Lyra Darius: All right. Now we're getting somewhere. Thanks for the Abandoned Tunnels data, <playername>.