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Storyline Quest

Quest giver: The Child
Station: autostarts
Previous quest: The Final Test
Next quest: The Hellgate

Experience: 16,060
Palladium: none
Standing: none
Other: none

Speak with The Child

This is a Storyline Quest. The previous quest in the sequence was: The Final Test
The next quest in the sequence is: The Hellgate



  • Experience: 16,060


The Child: Hello.
The Child: You've lost much, I know, but still you press on. That is what it means to live.
The Child: Always forward.
The Child: Against any adversity you go forward, forward, forward.
The Child: It's the way it has always been, <playername>.
The Child: Even since Creation, life and Light have spread... Forward. Forward. Forward.
The Child: And what drives this, do you think? You stand now on burnt world amidst countless dead and you go forward, forward, forward. Why? What for?
The Child: Hope, <playername>. You hope. You all hope. You always have.
The Child: I know because it is what I am.
The Child: You see, I am not the last Truth. I am the first. I am the one you never lost. None of you.
The Child: Even on worlds long dead, men always held fast to my promise. I thrived within them, praying they'd meet the other Truths - I hoped for those who only had hope left... Ironic. Tragic.
The Child: And now we're here.
The Child: All is so. All is ready.
The Child: You hope and so I shall gift you hope. You live and so I shall gift you life. You move forward and so I shall lay your road.
The Child: You are Light. You are the sword and shield of Creation.
The Child: The Sigil rises. It creates the Battleplain.
The Child: It carves into the Earth a place where you can defeat the Demon so long as you keep Truth close.
The Child: The Herald has been chosen. She will lead you. She knows. We have shown her.
The Child: Go now and hope for a better tomorrow, <playername>.
The Child: Hope so fiercely you will it to be.
The Child: Woe to the Dark, for I am the Child, with whom hope never dies.

  • Return to Emmera
  • Cinematic

Emmera: Sorrow fills you. You are not alone. Sorrow fills everything, <playername>.
Emmera: Even now it rushes across the universe and beats against my heart, carried on the backs of those souls that flow in the great River.
Emmera: That's what this is for. All of this... The Sigil. Truth. Us.
Emmera: Everything in Light exists to bring an end to sorrow - to strike a balance and halt the Demon.
Emmera: You have glimpsed the Eldest, Sydonai, and know now what assails us. I will meet him soon, <playername>. I will meet him and face my own test.
Emmera: Then I will make him pay for this world. This one, at least, he will pay dearly for.
Emmera: But am I truly ready? I don't know. I've only just awakened.
Emmera: I always thought my burden a curse. But it was a blessing. I see that now, far too late for those who screamed for salvation over the past 20 years of Burn.
Emmera: The Child has shown me, <playername>. They've all shown me Truth.
Emmera: My eyes are open and I see the Creator's realm under siege - I see the Sigil we shall use to launch our counterattack and restore order.
Emmera: It was always on us to do this, <playername>.
Emmera: We are the shield of Light. We are Truth. We are the opposite of the Demon, angels for whose who come after to pray to.
Emmera: Rest now. Grieve now. Soon you will have your chance. Soon you will have your justice.
Emmera: Soon we will war.
Emmera: I am The Herald. This I say.

    • Congratulation! End of Act 5