Hukhuk's Virulent Knuckle

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Arcane Radiant.png
Hukhuk's Virulent Knuckle
Legendary Enigmatic Radiant

I love the smell of vomit and shame in the morning… It smells like victory.
- Anonymous

Power: 78-93
Critical Damage: 40%
All Elemental Effects Attack Strength: 52
Poison Attack Strength: 195

[3 - 5]% chance to cause a Spectral Nova when it hits an enemy
[3 - 5]% chance to cause a Toxic Nova when it hits an enemy

[1 - 2]

22 Will

Item level 22
Requires Character Level 16

Evoker, Summoner
Australia dungeon only

Drop level range: 20 - 39
(Assumes level matches white monster level)

Drop Locations

Australia dungeon (tier 1)