It Lurks Below (Daily)

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It Lurks Below (Daily)
Daily Quest

Quest giver: Architect David
Station: Parliament Square
Previous quest: A Ship's Flag
Next quest:

Experience: 43400
Palladium: 2500
Rare Ring:
Skillful Opal Band
Defender's Stone Circle
Silver Runic Ring

Travel to Necropolis Level 5


Travel to Necropolis Level 5



Architect David: You return. Years passed, the world changed... Then it grew dark, before the light. Yet you return, where you have been for so long.
Architect David: It has returned too, the one who died before; Belzor, the Eye of Blood. It always does.
Architect David: Born from steam and sulfur, deep under the earth it lies. The last guardian of a Prince that is not here, it is without a master or purpose.
Architect David: It has treasures you may seek, however, that which lurks below. Find it and claim what is yours, if you so wish.

Quest incomplete

Architect David: In The Deep it waits, under five layers of blood.

Quest completed

Architect David: You return, and so does it.
Architect David: Thank you.