Lenvaldier's Karnak-bound Bracers

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Lenvaldier's Karnak-bound Bracers
Unique Gauntlets

Rather weighty, this.
- Alex

Armor: [varies] Shelds: [varies]

Critical Chance Multiplier (Necros): +[varies]%
Adds [varies] poison defense
Health Regeneration Penalty: -[varies]/min
Duration of curse skills: +[9 - 12]%
Increases use rate of Flying Blade skills by [varies]%
Movement Speed Penalty: -[9 - 12]%
Adds [4 - 6]% Physical Damage
Adds [4 - 6]% Fire Damage

[varies] Str, [varies] Stam, [varies] Will

Item level [Scales]
Requires Character Level [Scales]

Guardian, Blademaster
Stonehenge only

Drop level range: N/A
(Assumes level matches white monster level)