Mind Mysteries

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Mind Mysteries
Storyline Quest

Quest giver: Lucious Aldin
Station: Charing Cross Station
Previous quest: The Wall
Next quest: Temple Trek

Experience: 0
Palladium: 0
Standing: 0
Other: 0

Breach Techsmith 314's mind
  • Reach the limit of his imagination
  • Speak with Nightmare Lucious
  • Defeat Ultra 314
  • Meet the Father
    • Part 2
  • Speak with the Father
    • This ends Act 2

This Storyline Quest has multiple parts.
The previous quest in the sequence was: The Wall
The next quest in the sequence is: Temple Trek



Lucious: I wish there were a crank on his temple we could turn and a little spring to make it all go.
Lucious: Seems more dramatic that way.
Lucious: Still, I think we're in for a dandy show! He's going to blow real soon now!
Techsmith 314: This is the end.
Techsmith 314: I can feel -THE PULSE OF BILLIONS QUAVERING BENEATH MY- head that's about to explode -IN SHOWERS OF ANGUISHED GLEE WROUGHT BY THE PAIN OF- my back...
Techsmith 314: It really aches.
Techsmith 314: I could use a Tylen -Ahhh!- Ahhh!
Lucious: Yes! Look at him go!
Lucious: The Oracle's knowledge has finally burst into the cavernous mind of my litlte receptacle.
Lucious: This is brilliant!
Lucious: The collision of incomprehensible stores of data and the barren waste of 314's head has resulted in a localized rift!
Lucious: And beyond the threshold The Oracle lies in wait.
Lucious: Our options are simple...
Lucious: We can either take turns kicking 314 in the specials until he coughs up some info, or you can jump into that mind portal of his, reach the limits of his imagination, and force The Oracle's vault of knowledge open.
Lucious: To help you, I'll remain behind and continually kick 314 in the specials like we discussed...
Lucious: To keep him off balance! Yes! Off balance is a plausible excuse.

Nightmare Lucious: Must destroy Techsmith's life.
Nightmare Lucious: Must ruin Techsmith's life.
Nightmare Lucious: Must destroy Techsmith's life.

The Father: I knew you'd make it.
The Father: For turns beyond count, I knew.
The Father: As worlds fell, one after another, you and yours never stopped. Lands change but hearts remain.
The Father: If only you'd wake! Wake now and see within yourself that which we've always seen - that which we are!
The Father: I am Truth. Will you obey?

  • Speak with The Father

The Father: I am not so vague as my teacher, though not so direct as my children.
The Father: You have so many questions... So many doubts.
The Father: I will say what I must. No more or less.
The Father: A part of every soul is comprised of my hand, my eye, my heart. Even you, <playername>.
The Father: There are others still who make up more.
The Father: "Why" will have to be answered in time. It is not my place to say, but to be that which fosters direction.
The Father: I am the discipline within you. I am a flag and a father. Now heed me and remember.
The Father: For as long as the Well of Midnight has consumed, we have stood to oppose it.
The Father: Would you but see us! Would you but wield us!
The Father: I am the Father. Second of five. Woe to the dark for I still lead.

  • Cinematic
  • Report to Lord Arphaun
  • Congratulations! End of Act 2