Mind Over Matter (Tutorial)

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Mind Over Matter (Tutorial)
Tutorial Quest

Quest giver: Vicar
Station: Templar Base
Previous quest: Put a Ring On It (Tutorial)
Next quest: The Call

Experience: 32500
Palladium: 2250
Standing: none
Other: none

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is the eigth quest of the Tutorial Questline spanning across big parts of the game.
The next quest in the sequence is: The Call




Part 1

Vicar: Welcome, child, to the cradle of angels. Even ones of little faith are welcome in these holy halls, the last bastion of Hope.
Vicar: Does your heart not fill with His love and compassion? Do you not feel His breath engulfing your every step, even as you march towards the encroaching Darkness?
Vicar: ...they must be purged, [PLAYER NAME]. Every last one of them. The abominations that plague Creation must not be left unpunished. The Valley of Death holds no power over the hearts of the faithful! Once more, the day will come when we charge the unholy Gates with swords ablaze in righteous fury!
Vicar: Lord Maxim's holy call must stand firm in our hearts, in life and in death alike… Will you help the Cause, Child? I know you will. Your heart is pure. Listen carefully, for our enemies are Legion and we but mortal few.
Vicar: Force alone does not suffice to absolve us, despite what my… fellow Templar may claim. Our holy rituals, the Techsmiths' technology, and yes, even the Cabalists' foul magic, can all serve to sway the demons' minds instead.
Vicar: You may strike fear into their hearts, breaking their will and forcing them to retreat. Conversely, you may taunt them into foolish single-mindedness, calling their ire upon you and away from your companions. You may even control their minds, turning them against their brethren… if your, hm, persuasions are such.
Vicar: Use these to your advantage, [PLAYER NAME]. Examine your gear and skillset, and assault their minds over their bodies. Call forth what Man has forged to illuminate the Night, and banish that which seeks our death!
Vicar: Telamon the Guardian lies in Bell Yard, its foul stench defiling its soil. Go and slay the Demon, with my blessings.

Quest completed

Vicar: The burden of darkness has been lifted, and Light may fill our hearts! Never fail to aid the Light, [PLAYER NAME]. Fulfill your holy duty, as we do. Later along your journey, before you depart for the Deep, return to us. The Envoy will want to discuss with you. Matters of faith, I hope.

Quest incomplete

Vicar: The foul one lives. Spill its blood, so that the seed of Light may flourish.