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The Hellgate Mini-game

What is the mini-game?

In Hellgate:London, the mini-game is a small "meta" game that you can play (fully optional) while you're doing your regular questing/grinding. Your goal is to complete a number of specific objectives, in order to get a reward. These objectives are part of normal gameplay - so even if you don't know anything about the mini-game, it's well possible to actually achieve them "by accident".

The mini-game's objectives are represented by three icons on the lower right of your HUD, next to your "right handed" skill slot and the mana orb. As you complete the objectives, they will change from showing a counter / translucent icons to colored / opaque versions.

What happens when I complete the mini-game?

Once you complete all three objectives, a short jingle plays and some loot drops at your character's position (comparable to killing a rare mob). After that, the mini-game will reset and present you with new objectives.

Mini-game chart



  • The game keeps track of damage types dealt. After you (or your minions) have damaged a monster with the type required by the mini-game, feel free to finish it off with a different type of damage. This also means that if you deal several different types of damage at once (e.g. when using a physical weapon that has "+ elemental dmg" mods), it may count towards several corresponding objectives simultaneously.
  • Early SP versions had another objective that required you to complete a quest, represented by some "mystical triangle" icon. This was removed after Flagship developers realized that characters (who had progressed enough to complete all quests) might no longer be able to complete the mini-game, which also meant it wouldn't reset for them any more - effectively disabling the mini-game completely.

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