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Monster type

Demon Lord


Fire Ball
Shoots advanced fireballs, the same ones Ash does, causing a high amount of fire damage and inflicts the victim with ignite. He can shoot multiple fireballs stacked in each other making this one of his deadliest attacks.
Summons a meteor that leaves fire field on impact that deals high fire damage with high chance of ignite. This skill does more damage and lasts much longer than regular Hellfire used by Shadow Husks.
Tail swipe
When the player is in melee range Moloch attacks with this melee ability which has a high chance of stunning.
Smash attack
Moloch slams the ground with his fist stunning the victim and leaves a physical damage field with very high damage.
Summon Minions
Upon reaching 75% health Moloch calls two of his servant Fiend Priests to his side, that posses healing ability that they can use to quickly heal to full their Master and each other.
Death Rush
When you, or a party member dies Moloch will regain ~25% of his total health.


Moloch resides in The Master's Court. This area is accessible through The Necro Fall.


Name Drop rate
Eyes of the Maverick 10%?
Face of the Crusader
Veiled Threat
Attribute Retrainer 5%*
Expertise Retrainer
Skill Retrainer
Nanoshard ?%

*Note that 5% is the chance to drop a Retrainer, thus individual chance for specific retrainer is 5%/3.

Dye Kits
Name Description
Earth Core Dye Kit Health Regeneration
Dark Vengeance Dye Kit Luck
Indigo Fire Dye Kit Electricity Dmg (Thorns)
Copper Sky Dye Kit Adds defense against all special damage effects
Ivory Haze Dye Kit Shields
Vanquish Dye Kit SPRINT 1
Cold Steel Dye Kit Armor
Black Knight Dye Kit All Attributes