Nano Forge

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The Nano Forge can be found in almost every station and players can use it to increase the damage, armor and level of their items for the expense of scrap materials gained from disassembling gathered items.


To use the Nano Forge, first place the item you wish to upgrade in the top window, the bottom window will display how many scrap materials and Nano Shards are required for each level. Then simply click the Upgrade button. When you upgrade weapons and armor by using the Nano Forge, the item level of the equipment increases by 2, and accordingly, the basic performance such as damage and armor value rises. The feed cost also increases.

Note: The increase of Damage, Armor Value and Feed cost is not displayed until the item is upgraded. Informal research has shown that weapons that are upgraded have their offence rating improved by about 10 for each upgrade, and armor tends to improve the shield value of the piece by about 2.

Items can be upgraded up to 10 times. However, you cannot upgrade items with Item Level higher than your Character Level.

When upgrading a piece of equipment through the Nano Forge for the first time, 1 Nano Shard is needed, Level 2 upgrade requires 2 Nano Shards, Level 3 requires 3 Nano Shards etc. In total, 55 Nano Shards are required to upgrade an item to Level 10.