Nice Party

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Nice Party
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Rorke Pherral
Station: Finsbury Square
Previous quest: For King & Country
Next quest: Overkill

Experience: 2409
Palladium: 100
Standing: +50 with Templar Base
Other: Unidentified Enhanced Shoulder Armor

Travel to Mark Square



  • Experience: 2409
  • Palladium: 100
  • Standing: +50 standing with The People of Templar Base
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Shoulder Armor


Rorke Pherral: You should be proud, kid. The Demons caught on. It looks like they're scared.
Rorke Pherral: We're not getting identifying blips in the ones and twos anymore.
Rorke Pherral: What we are getting are large concentrations of incredibly powerful Demons.
Rorke Pherral: The first mob we picked up is in Mark Square. It's a big gathering of Orbiles, each of which is capable of standing alone as a champ.
Rorke Pherral: This is a great, dangerous, opportunity. They're massing for strength in numbers, but it also puts them all in one place.
Rorke Pherral: Kid, just make sure you're careful out there.

Rorke Pherral: Ha! Kid, you never, ever, ever cease to amaze.
Rorke Pherral: 14! Are you kidding me? 14 Orbiles?
Rorke Pherral: We're turning the tide here, kid. Turning the tide.