Old Path

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Old Path
Optional Quest

Quest giver: Lyra Darius
Station: Liverpool Street Station
Previous quest: Priority Parts
Next quest: Day I Died

Experience: 2130
Palladium: 95
Standing: +100 with Liverpool Street Station
Other: 1 Stat Point
Unidentified Rare Shoulder Armor

Travel to Devonshire Square



  • Experience: 2130
  • Palladium: 95
  • Standing: +100 standing with The People of Liverpool Street Station
  • Stat Point: 1
  • Item: Unidentified Rare Shoulder Armor


Lyra Darius: What you returned with from your last outing... It was astonishing.
Lyra Darius: It would appear that this particular Reaper's body has the innate ability to absorb and redistribute large quantities of energy, which would explain the flash plasma grenade going off literally centimeters from my face and leaving me largely intact.
Lyra Darius: It's all muddled, but the Reaper, after having absorbed the blast, might have begun carrying me away toward some unknown end.
Lyra Darius: What happened en route and how I managed an escape is still a blank.
Lyra Darius: However, since the combination of radiation and plasma trace from the Reaper are so distinct, I believe that by activating 5 Sweeps in Devonshire Square, I might be able to reconstruct the exact path of the Reaper from 20 years ago.
Lyra Darius: The radioactive trace is that potent.
Lyra Darius: Once reconstructed, we'll know exactly where this Reaper lumbered off to with me in tow.

Lyra Darius: Remarkable. My equipment here can read every uneven step that beast took.
Lyra Darius: The activation of all 5 Sweeps worked brilliantly.