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Optional Quest

Quest giver: Jons
Station: Monument Station
Previous quest: The Deal Seal
Next quest: none?

Experience: 2070
Palladium: 142
Standing: +100 with Monument Station
Other: Unidentified Rare Weapon

Travel to Mark Lane Approach



  • Experience: 2070
  • Palladium: 142
  • Standing: +100 Standing with the people of Monument Station
  • Item: Unidentified Rare Weapon


Jons: You know, at first I was a little worried about chasing a woman like Goodall who only felt joy while hunting Demons. but, boy, did it ever work out!
Jons: That night you helped set up was...bliss. She didn't suspect a thing.
Jons: During all, fun, I managed to misplace some things of mine.
Jons: Think you can track down 2 Perk Shots in Mark Lane Approach for me?
Jons: I promise this will be the last favor I ask of you.

Jons: Brilliant!
Jons: Hey, how do you feel about being in a wedding party? Just, you know, out of curiosity.