Puller of Strings

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Puller of Strings
Unique Taskmaster

Sometimes a joke is so obvious, right-in-your-face, in the open, on-the-nose, that you just don't want to pull it off.
- Anonymous

Puppet Master weapons confuse targeted demons, causing them to attack other demons.

Rate of fire: 120 shots/min

Weapon Energy Consumption: -[12 - 13]
Willpower: +[11 - 15]
Minion Armor: +[15 - 19]%
[3 - 5]% chance to fire Exploding Spikes when it hits an enemy

23 Acc, [25 - 27] Will

Item level 45
Requires Character Level 37

Evoker, Summoner

Drop level range: 43 and above
(Assumes level matches white monster level)