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Optional Quest

Quest giver: Lyra Darius
Station: Liverpool Street Station
Previous quest: Day I Died
Next quest: none

Experience: 3212
Palladium: 150
Standing: +100 with Liverpool Street Station
Other: 1 Stat Point
Unidentified Enhanced Weapon

Travel to St. Paul's Approach



  • Experience: 3212
  • Palladium: 150
  • Standing: +100 standing with The People of Liverpool Street Station
  • Stat Point: 1
  • Item: Unidentified Enhanced Weapon


Lyra Darius: The son of a bitch is alive...
Lyra Darius: Your readings from the last trip out, <playername>! Your readings contained a clear print of the genetic makeup of that damned Reaper that almost did me in.
Lyra Darius: On a whim, I plugged the new correlated data into our monitoring net. Guess what?
Lyra Darius: Blip. Blip. Blip. There he was. Right there in St. Paul's Approach.
Lyra Darius: We even had a record of the damn thing. It's been causing us nothing but nightmares for 20 years goes by The Eliminator.
Lyra Darius: The Eliminator... 20 years and there it is.
Lyra Darius: Now it's got to die.
Lyra Darius: Up for a quick trip to St. Paul's Approach?

Lyra Darius: Closure... Ha. The best kind of closure!
Lyra Darius: All these years and it ends just like that. Amazing, how free I feel now.